Naida Akaeva

Permanente Make-up Artist, Brow Master & Lash Stylist


I started my career as a makeup artist and hairstylist around 12 years ago. To me beauty is a way to express your inner self, not to hide it. It's a way to strengthen your self confidence. It's my goal to assist women in finding the beauty which accentuates their personality. The faith I have in my customers and their trust in me fills me with positive energy. It's amazing to see those sparkling eyes when they look in the mirror and leave my boutique!

Brow Henna

I honestly believe that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. By just using some make-up and hair styling, people might miss out on this essential part. To get the best out of someones personality, I expanded my skills with Brow Henna. By using Henna you can power up your appearance for a longer time period without damaging your health. In contrary, the essential ingredients of henna will feed the follicles of your hair and keeps your brows in good shape. At this moment, Brow Henna is one of the most popular services I deliver in my boutique. Henna is available in different colors so it will match your own hair.


You might already be interested in making an appointment or maybe you have no idea what to expect. Don't be shy! I would love to meet you. My way of working is on a very personal level. This way I can adjust to your personal preferences. I don't have a public boutique. This way I can take the time you need. To make it even better, I can come to your home! You can always ask me a question by calling me or by using the contactform. You can even send me a message through Whatsapp.

Business to Business

Would you like to book me on a B2B basis? No problem. I have a lot of experience in the B2B market. My portfolio includes commercials, movies, events and fashion shows. I also have years of experience in working as a Senior Beauty Consultant to assist cosmetic companies with the sales of their products.

Interested in my work? Please go to one of the photo books or my portfolio page.

See you soon!