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Ombre Powder Brows Semi permanent make up

Would you like to get up every morning with the perfect eyebrow? Do you use an eyebrow powder or a pencil? Then semi permanent make-up (PMU) is definitely for you. Although it looks like tattooing, it is not placed in the subcutaneous connective tissue but in the dermis. Unlike tattooing, it will not damage the skin and no scar tissue will be visible. PMU techniques have developed tremendously over time. NA Beauty Boutique offers one of the most popular and natural looking eyebrow techniques: Ombre Powder Brows. With this treatment, the roots of the hair are shaded. The transition from light to dark makes it look subtle and natural. The effect can be compared to eyebrow powder, but it lasts much longer. Your eyebrows become fuller, more beautiful and can withstand water. PMU remains in place for 1.5 to 2 years. You can contact us for a touch-up within this time period. This way you can keep your beautiful eyebrows.


"The eyes are the mirrors of the soul." This is a general statement that contains a lot of truth. That's why women like to give their eyes some power. We did this every day with mascara and eyeliner, but nowadays we also make our eyebrows look a bit thicker. However, it takes a lot of time every day. Did you know you can easily save that wasted time?

Henna brows is a perfect treatment to give strength to your eyebrows for a longer period of time. Today, henna is actively used as a means to dye eyebrows. It's fashionable, it's safe, it's durable and after all, it's beautiful! After this treatment, your face will look more expressive.

Henna is made from the leaves of the Indian Lausonia shrub. One of the greatest characteristics of henna is it's safety for the hair and skin. It doesn't just color the hairs but also the skin underneath. This gives your eyebrows a fuller and fixed look. So you no longer have to thicken your brows with powder or a pencil. NA Beauty Boutique also ensures that the natural shape of your eyebrows is maintained so that you have a natural look, but with a finishing touch.

What are the advantages of henna over eyebrow dye?

It helps improve blood microcirculation and relieves pressure from the blood vessels that are close to the skin. In addition, henna strengthens hair follicles and helps restore hair structure.

NA Beauty Boutique works with BrowXenna. This henna contains only natural color components and ingredients. It restores hair growth up to 60% and remains visible on the skin for up to 14 days and for 6 weeks on the hair.


At NA Beauty Boutique you can go for day, evening, party and bridal make-up.
After many years of experience, I can say with full conviction that every woman has her own unique beauty. However, not every woman knows how to find that beauty, let alone express it. And therein lies the talent of a make-up artist. I therefore treat my customers with this philosophy in mind. Don't try to be a copy of someone else, but a perfection of yourself. The look that fits perfect for someone else might backfire on you and vice versa. But don't worry, I will help you with that!


NA Beauty Boutique works with LYCON. This is the most used wax brand in the top segment of national and international spas, beauty salons and wax bars. It has a well-deserved reputation as the 'crème de la crème' of depilatory waxes. With Lycon wax we provide superior results for all types of hair growth. This wax is even suitable for sensitive skin. Unlike other depilatory waxes, LYCON is virtually painless. Are you interested? Check the price list to see which treatments we offer and we would like to see you in our salon.